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Excerpts from this Manual

13.7.6 SHOW Syntax

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SHOW has many forms that provide information about databases, tables, columns, or status information about the server. This section describes those following:

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SHOW {BINARY | MASTER} LOGS SHOW BINLOG EVENTS [IN 'log_name'] [FROM pos] [LIMIT [1966 STRUT 1965 Mustang Comet Falcon FRONT 1964 BOLTS ORIG Ranchero GT Shelby offset,] row_count] SHOW CHARACTER SET [like_or_where] SHOW COLLATION [like_or_where] SHOW [FULL] COLUMNS FROM tbl_name [FROM db_name] [like_or_where] SHOW CREATE DATABASE db_name SHOW CREATE EVENT event_name SHOW CREATE FUNCTION func_name SHOW CREATE PROCEDURE proc_name SHOW CREATE TABLE tbl_name SHOW CREATE TRIGGER trigger_name SHOW CREATE VIEW view_name SHOW DATABASES [like_or_where] SHOW ENGINE engine_name {STATUS | MUTEX} SHOW [STORAGE] ENGINES SHOW ERRORS [LIMIT [offset,] row_count] SHOW EVENTS SHOW FUNCTION CODE FRONT ORIG Ranchero Comet GT Shelby Mustang BOLTS STRUT 1966 Falcon 1965 1964 func_name SHOW FUNCTION STATUS [like_or_where] SHOW GRANTS FOR user SHOW INDEX FROM tbl_name [FROM db_name] SHOW MASTER STATUS SHOW OPEN TABLES [FROM db_name] [like_or_where] SHOW PLUGINS SHOW PROCEDURE CODE proc_name SHOW PROCEDURE STATUS [like_or_where] SHOW PRIVILEGES SHOW [FULL] PROCESSLIST SHOW PROFILE [types] [FOR QUERY n] [OFFSET n] [LIMIT n] SHOW PROFILES SHOW RELAYLOG EVENTS [IN 'Falcon 1965 1966 1964 BOLTS STRUT Ranchero Mustang FRONT GT Comet ORIG Shelby log_name'] [FROM pos] [LIMIT [offset,] row_count] SHOW SLAVE HOSTS SHOW SLAVE STATUS [FOR CHANNEL channel] SHOW [GLOBAL | SESSION] STATUS [like_or_where] SHOW TABLE STATUS [FROM db_name] [like_or_where] SHOW [FULL] TABLES [FROM db_name] [like_or_where] SHOW TRIGGERS [FROM db_name] [like_or_where] SHOW [GLOBAL | SESSION] VARIABLES [like_or_where] SHOW WARNINGS [LIMIT [offset,] row_count] like_or_where: LIKE 'pattern' | WHERE expr

If the syntax for a given SHOW statement includes a LIKE 'pattern' part, 'pattern' is a string that can contain the SQL % and _ wildcard characters. The pattern is useful for restricting statement output to matching values.

Several SHOW statements also accept a WHERE clause that provides more flexibility in specifying which rows to display. See Section 25.41, “Extensions to SHOW Statements”.

Many MySQL APIs (such as PHP) enable you to treat the result returned from a SHOW statement as you would a result set from a SELECT; see Chapter 28, Connectors and APIs, or your API documentation for more information. In addition, you can work in SQL with results from queries on tables in the INFORMATION_SCHEMA database, which you cannot easily do with results from SHOW statements. See Chapter 25, INFORMATION_SCHEMA Tables.

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